Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A roof?

It has been a while since I put up a post.  Jim has been working hard but it has been slow going.  We are coming up to the end of the "outside" building season and will be racing against the onset of winter.  During our recent three days of summer in Juneau, Jim made a big leap of progress.  Foundation complete and he started on the roof rafters.

Jim added some of his reasoning for this amazing foundation right on the building so the building inspector could just read it off the wall- funny guy!

Uncle Larry came in for one day, bought us lunch, looked around and booked:)

Jim and Burt- hamming it up on the "first" day of summer we had.   I wouldn't work up there...

That's my own personal contractor hamming it up again- as Leili would say- Jimmy the Frank!                

So- say your prayers for the delay of the snow- we are racing winter now!  Stand by for a completed roof by the end of September!  Jim promised!

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